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Why Orthotics Matter

Your entire skeletal health begins at the feet. Bad posture can lead to decreased mobility and spinal problems over time. How you stand affects all of this, and most people aren't aware that they're standing and walking in a way that could lead to problems down the road.

Existing problems that are also treated with Orthotic inserts include Arthritis and Diabetes.

Most people think about orthotics, and think about their grandmother, but you'd be surprised to find that inserts can be made for work, play, sports, and even fashion. Yes, even high heels can help you.

Orthotics shape your foot back to its natural intended shape and reverses possible damage, which in turn gets you walking better, and your posture and skeletal alignment can improve. Properly made orthotics can provide an artificial base of support to allow the entire body to function properly.

How Hespeler Physiotherapy can help you is that our Orthotic professionals use a computer-generated composite of your walking pattern or take 3D impressions of your feet and prescribe orthotics that can help you get back on track.

Our custom-made foot orthotics are manufactured at the Footmaxx Orthotic Laboratory from the digital scan data information collected when a patient walks across the Footmaxx electronic force plate. Our Footmaxx Metascan software uses the scanned data to determine the custom orthotic module's three dimensional shape, size and postings. This information is also used to produce a detailed Gait and Pressure Analysis Report. Our orthotics are prescribed by licensed professionals including Podiatrist, Chiropodists and C-Ped certified professionals.

Walking and other exercise is the best thing you can do for your body. Make the most of it with orthopedic insoles.

In most cases, orthotics are covered by insurance plans. Let us check for you.


We also provide custom and non-custom bracing.

Different bracing can help with achieving proper joint alignment and/or help to stabilize the affected joint.

Some of the conditions when bracing can help are:

  • Knee injuries, pain and osteoarthritis

  • Foot and ankle strains and sprains

  • Wrist, hand and elbow conditions such as carpal tunnel, Tennis elbow and Golfer's elbow.

Our physiotherapist will help you in diagnosing your condition and choosing the proper brace for your needs. All braces are fitted by your therapist to ensure proper fit and use of brace.

We keep a variety of off the shelf bracing; however any order can be completed within two days. We offer Ossur, DonJoy, epX, Corflex braces, just to name a few.